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**Please order a day in advance**  


Dozen Variety Pack:  Twelve cookies (3 Turkeys, 3 Pumpkins, 3 Acorns, 3 Pilgrims),  Four 2oz Icings (Orange, Yellow, White & Brown), & Two 2oz Sprinkles


Two Dozen Variety Pack:  Twenty four cookies (6 Turkeys, 6 Pumpkins, 6 Acorns, 6 Pilgrims),  Eight 2oz Icings (2 Orange, 2 Yellow, White, Purple, Green & Brown), & Four 2oz Sprinkles


Turkeys: Six Turkey Cookies, Three 2oz Icings (Orange, Yellow & Brown), One 2oz Sprinkles

Pumpkins: Six Pumpkin Cookies, Two 2oz Icings (Orange & Yellow), One 2oz Sprinkles

Acorns: Six Acorns Cookies, Two 2oz Icings (Orange & Brown), One 2oz Sprinkles

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

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