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  • When will my package arrive if I ship my cookies?
    Sugarista uses UPS ground shipping but you're welcome to upgrade to a faster shipping method, just send us a message and we will have you a quote. To confirm how long it will take, please follow this link and use 79410 as the zip for shipping from and check the time on ground shipping. We will ship the package the day you tell us to. We sadly cannot control if the package is late once the cookies are with UPS. UPS Shipping
  • What do you suggest I put inside a box for a friend?
    Sugarista suggests variety! Check out our pre-filled box options on our online store. Please keep in mind your friend may have food allergies. If you are unaware of any food allergies, Sugarista suggests avoiding peanut butter cookies!
  • How do I order custom Iced Sugar Cookies?
    Send us the ideas or theme you have via text (806-319-5476) or email ( Let us know when you need the cookies and we will get back to you with a quote on the cookies we can do!
  • How can I place an order?
    There are several ways to place an order! You have the options to: * Order directly thru the website! * Email us your order. * Call/Text your order 806-319-5476. Upon receipt of your order directly thru Sugarista, we will send you an invoice of your order for confirmation. Please note, you may not get a response until the afternoon hours.
  • What if I need my cookies during nonoperating hours?
    Contact us directly via email, phone call or text and we will do our best to accommodate your needs; however, we only guarantee boxes to be delivered or picked up during the scheduled times listed on the website.
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