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MUST ORDER THREE DAYS INADVANCE - Icing has to dry before packaging! 


Superbowl cookies WILL BE Chiefs Themed.  Cookies MUST be ordered by Feb 7th for Super Bowl Sunday Pick-up or Delivery. 


The 24 Pack includes 6 cookies to make a football field, 5 jerseys, 4 footballs, 5 helmets, 4 Cheifs Cookies.


The 12 Pack Football Field includes 6 cookies to make a football field, 2 jerseys, 2 footballs and 2 helmets. 


The 12 Pack Football Chiefs includes 3 jerseys, 3 footballs, 3 helmets, 3 Cheifs Cookies.


The 12 Pack Mahomes includes 4 jerseys, 4 helmets, 4 Mahomes.


Love Story 12 Pack - 3 Taylor Swift Jerseys, 3 Travis Kelce, 3 Hearts with Love Story, 3 Chiefs Era


Please note the only jersey with names are in the Love Story pack.


This sugar cookies is not only soft and delicious, but is iced with Sugarista's own icing!


Iced Sugar Cookie (FOOTBALL)

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