Sugarista's Frequently Asked Questions

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    What do you suggest I put inside a box for a friend?
    Sugarista suggests variety! Check out our pre-filled box options on our online store. Kimberly carefully crafts the boxes based on the most popular cookies! Please keep in mind your friend may have food allergies. If you are unaware of any food allergies, Sugarista suggests avoiding cookies with any kind of nuts.
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    What's so special about a Brew'in Cookies?
    For starters, the cookies actually taste good with beer! I know, I know, cookies and beer usually don't jive! :) The Brew'in Oats & Choc Chip contains about 5.25 grams of protein, while the Brew'in Peanut Butter & Oats contains approximately 7 grams of protein. Brew'in Cookies include the following key ingredients: * Brewer's Yeast * Flax Seed This combination has also been known to help new moms build up their milk supply!
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    How do I place an order?
    There are several ways to place an order! You have the options to: * Order directly thru the website on the Cookie Page! * Email us your order * Call/Text your order * Summit your order on the contact page * Order Thru the Tapingo App (Thursday - Sunday 7pm -12am) Upon receipt of your order directly thru Sugarista, we will send you an invoice of your order for confirmation. Please note, you may not get a response until the afternoon hours.
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    Should I order thru Tapingo or directly thru Sugarista?
    Regardless how you order your cookies, they will be made fresh especially for you! Sugarista recently partnered up with Tapingo! This allows Kimberly to personally make the treats while Tapingo quickly delivers them to you! Therefore when you order cookies thru the Tapingo App (Thursday - Sunday 7pm-12am), you can get your cookies delivered in about an hour! If you order cookies directly thru Sugarista, Kimberly is currently still the sole operator and will need a day advance notice. She can schedule a pick-up or delivery with you for the following day you place an order.
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    What is "Meet Sugarista" on the delivery method?
    Sugarista is currently baking out of an industrial kitchen at night, therefore, pick-up options have changed. If you'd like to grab your cookies instead of paying for delivery, you can select to: *Pick-Up at the baking Kitchen (3412 34th Street - Sweetie's Bake Shoppe during the day) from 8pm-12am nightly *Meet-Up at Sugarista's home office location (3504 26th Street) from 1-2pm Monday - Friday or by appointment. Please keep in mind, your order will be ready the next business day after you order your cookies.
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    What if I need my cookies during nonoperating hours?
    Contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your needs; however, we only guarantee boxes to be delivered or picked up during the scheduled times listed on the website.
Hours of Operation
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Monday - Thursday
*Call Ahead Cookies

**Pick-Up at Platforms

**Sugarista Direct Delviery

Monday - Thursday

Friday - Sunday
By Appointment Only

*Please call 45 mins before you pick-up for HOT cookies.  There will be a limited number of individually prepackaged cookies for sale at the store if you don't call ahead!

**Please order by 8 pm the day before you need your cookies​

Monday - Thursday